Wood HandMade Big Shopper - Autodidact Artist - 1985

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Wood HandMade Big Shopper - Autodidact Artist - 1985

hand made wood Shooper

180 hours of hand-made work
HUGE Dimensions:
Width: 17Cm - 6.69 In
Height: 48 Cm - 18.89 In
Length: 80 Cm - 31.49 In

The whole piece was handmade, without using any mold
Single unit, no copies or replicas

José Mira, was born in Alentejo in Ermidas in 1951, son of farmers early moved with parents to Aveiro at age 5, "his city" as he nicknamed him. Aveiro the Venice of Portugal inspires some artists but in this case talent was a chance of life. With a difficult childhood due to the few family resources he always had to help his parents in Agriculture and Fisheries, he collected a valuable raw material from the “Ria de Aveiro” who worked as a young man. Already adult began to work in the construction and it was there that soon fell in love with the imposing machines of construction, as backhoe loaders, caterpillar, excavators etc.
At age 32 a disease affected him, leading to great physical weakness, making him almost deaf and with difficulties of locomotion. So with the disease not allowing it to work was dependent on the help of state and others to be able to survive worthily.
Not resigned he remembered to start manually constructing the wooden pieces of his machines the old passion of him ...
It was without any help, or knowledge of someone that he alone, imagined and elaborated the pieces he presents, thus being a true self-taught. Sculpt the pieces in wood, take advantage of all the materials recycled for the finishes giving an incredible aspect of authenticity and originality to its unique pieces.
Each piece of this Autodidact Artist is unique. No copies or reprodutions

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