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3 Old flagon/carboy VERY RARE.

2 units of 5 liters (1,32 gallon)

2 units of 5 liters (1,32 gallon) and 1 Unit of 3 Liters coated with wicker handwork from 1967 to 1973. (Empty)
Techniques used in the past to protect the wine from temperature changes and heat.

Very rare from Portugal.
One of the flagon It also includes the card with the name for those who was destined the carboy and other with the initials of the name written on the wicker.
This technique was used at the time of wine bottling.The pieces are in good condition but one of them have some wicker signs of aging (from 1965), the 50 years of existence have given him a rare and unique beauty
This wicking technique no longer exists which makes these pieces authentic rarities
Extraordinary pieces to decorate your bar or dining room.
Very rare, hard to find, ....

To have an understanding and removing the final work of stuffing the bottles or carboys, i explain here all the existing work only to prepare the wicker.
First, you have to cut Wicker in November and December.
Then you have to bury the wicker on the ground.
After Easter, the Wicker begins to burst. It is then time to remove it from the ground and start the operation of the "skinning".
This "skinning" is made with a knife. Next, you need to select all the Wicker.
The thicker on one side,the media to another and further thin to another.
This thinner Wicker is for the wings and the average is for the "body" of bottles and carboys.

After skinning with a knife, the wicker are placed in the sun to dry well.
After drought, is tied in bundles and stored to "dry" (sheltered from rain) to be used when needed.
Before being used, must be 24 hours inside of water.
Then, the following is the thickest. is "cracked" (sliced) into three parts.

It is then passed on a hand made machine called "5 Escalos".
Only now we have ready the Wicker and now follows all the hard working hands to stuffing the carboy.


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